Dumped on a vets doorstep in a bucket, they came to my house where Snowball was nursing three pure white kittens about the same age of her own. Without hesitation this new mom added L&L to her little family and cared for them as her own.
You can now follow these two as they grow and have adventures with our fur and human siblings in the Szot household by clicking here.

Two very special foster kittens travelled the URKKN railroad to go to their new home in Oregon last year. I bawled like a baby as I handed off these two angels to the second driver as they embarked on their week long journey.
You see, I fostered them from two weeks of age until a month after their first birthday.   Lucy and Linus will forever hold a very special place in my heart.

Meet Linus & Lucy Szot!

I had resisted adopting a cat for about two years after losing my previous kitty.  However, WOW Founder Marci Bowling is a master in knowing when and how to match one of her precious fur people to a two-legged person!  Having that purr-fect fit so important and enjoyable for both the Master of the House (Gabi, of course) and the Owner (me), who gets to experience the fun, entertainment, cuddles, and much love.

Gabi is perfect for me!  She’s so loving, beautiful and always happy to see me returning to her house!  Never a dull moment with her, and sometimes she is just like a faithful puppy dog who loves to be near me!  From play time to cuddle time, her beautiful blue eyes and soft, gorgeous coat never fail to get to my heart!

The love and attention that each kitty receives at WOW is truly amazing!  And, that is why every single adoption provides a lucky adopter with a loving pet in a forever home!

—Patty Ingle

Meet Gabriella — Gabi for short!

It all began at the WOW launch party. Many of us were enjoying snuggle time with the sweet furbabies that were present that evening. For me, I was drawn to one timid little kitten, Cashew Fancy Mao. The story of her being found under the dumpster at Canton Inn was enough to make me interested in her, but the night of the launch party, she wasn’t held much as she kept hunkering down each time someone came near. Determined to hold her, we swaddled her in a blanket; she started purring and kept looking up at me with those beautiful gold “Puss in Boots” eyes - for those of you who’ve seen Shrek you can understand the power of those eyes!

That night I decided to sponsor Cashew hoping she would find the wonderful forever home she deserved. However, I could not stop thinking about that sweet little cat with the big gold eyes. Every day I mentioned Cashew to my husband. We already had two cats and never considered having a third. After about a week, I asked Marci if I could come visit Cashew. As soon as I saw her again, I knew she belonged in our home. I texted my husband and asked if we could foster her. He immediately asked if I actually meant adopt! Cashew has lived with us for 3 months now and been renamed Leia, as all of our cats are named after Star Wars characters. She loves to play with her “brother”, Wedge, and enjoys cuddling. Leia is slowly coming out of her shell. No longer does she hunker down or run away as you walk toward her. She has been a purr-fect addition to our family! Thank you WOW for bringing this wonderful cat into our lives!

— Jacqui and Eric Coones

Cashew Fancy Mao Loves Her New Home!

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