Exquisicat Paper Pellets
Tidy Cats BREEZE litter pads
Tidy Cats BREEZE litter systems
Tidy Cats BREEZE pellets
Yesterday's News litter


Cat scratchers/posts/beds/carriers/kennels
Catnip spray, catnip toys, and toys of all kinds
Clorox wipes, unscented baby wipes, paper towels

Whiskers Wish  List


Diamond Kitten
Earthborn – all varieties, dry and canned
Nutro Kitten – dry and canned
Royal Canin Kitten
Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive canned food
Science Diet – canned, kitten and adult
Science Diet Adult – all varieties, including grain free
Science Diet Kitten


Dry or moist of any variety, including grain free