Sienna is a beautiful short hair tabby kitten with the sweetest soul and lots of love to give! One of the best things about miss Sienna is being greeted eagerly when you walk in the door! Sienna is a little socialite, who loves to play with friends, toys, and her humans!


This tiny girl is sure a fighter or she wouldn't be here. Found today she was covered in almost 100 fleas and is suffering from severe uti. Her poor eye breaks our hearts. She's as sweet as can be. She could use your prayers.

Emergency Vetted Rescues



Hallie and her pink cast quietly arrived to our house. She is a soft spoken girl who loves to be held and pet. She enjoys napping on the bed with humans and loves treats. She’s still slightly spooked around other cats and doesn’t like lots of loud noises, likely because she was sadly hit by a car before being rescued.


This girl was hit by a car, and is starting the healing process.


Look at those big blue eyes!  This sweetheart's hip was dislocated, and is on the mend!


This white beauty was also hit by a car.  We are waiting to see if her leg will improve or if she will lose it.


This handsome boy was found in Ozark in July after being hit by a car. He needed help! This boy is sure a sweet one and he definitely deserves to have a soft landing filled with great love where he only sees streets on TV. He's healing nicely so let's help him find a fabulous chill home to grow old in!


This muffin was hit by a car near Sunshine and Fort on Saturday, July 14, 2018.  He sustained head trauma and broken jaw in two places.  His journey began at the Emergency Veterinary Clinic.  Look at what amazing progress he has made!


This muffin was found with compromised/low functioning front legs.  X-Rays show the issue is congenital so we are following up with therapy assessment to see if we can increase his range of motion going forward.  Norton is a very sweet boy and will make a fabulous family member!