Meet Picachu

This boy is a hoot!
He was rescued as a tiny muffin from a feral colony. like butter in your hands. Let's get this sweetheart a fabulous home!

Meet Shuri

Meet the Big Bang Family

​​This is one lucky family!  Their fate was grim before a volunteer answered the request to help.  Sheldon, Penny, Leonard and Raj will blast their way into your hearts!

Meet Dixie, Harley, and Wyatt

These three babies came to us very, very sick. They are still recovering from horrific URI and may need special surgery to assist with the damage to their eyelids caused by it. They are as sweet as can be. It will be a few weeks before they are ready. If you would like an application please message us today.

Meet Belle, Sophie, Brady, and Rosemary

BELLE, SOPHIE, BRADY AND ROSEMARY were free on the side of the road and in horrible condition.

These cuties could use a fabulous foster home to fill them with snuggles. Is that your home? Send us your e-mail via Facebook to apply today!

Whiskers Seeking Homes

Meet Meeka & Mikey

These two cutie pies were dumped on a porch in a box as babies and had busted out and were headed to the road when they were thankfully found. Who wants an application for these playful and cuddly kittens?

Meet Theodore

​​This little muffin was thrown from a moving car and a kind citizen who saw it happen scooped him up and called for help. Luckily every injury was superficial. He's on the mend and almost done vetting. Let's find him a home who deserves his purrs and great love.